Future-proof camping with the $175,000 CyberTrailer.

Camping-carFuture-proof camping with the $175,000 CyberTrailer.

Future-proof camping with the $175,000 CyberTrailer.

Imagine embarking on an adventure in the wilderness, far from civilization, without worrying about energy or water. This dream is about to become a reality, thanks to the all-new CyberTrailer, a revolutionary RV that combines futuristic design, solar power, and a water recovery system.

A sci-fi-inspired look

The CyberTrailer is a head-turner with its angular and futuristic design, directly inspired by the controversial Tesla Cybertruck.

Indeed, the CyberTrailer proudly sports an angular and aerodynamic silhouette reminiscent of its illustrious inspiration, the Cybertruck. Its front features a distinctive horizontal light bar, while its sleek lines give it a striking futuristic look. Although some may find it controversial, this bold design is sure to turn heads on the road.

One of the CyberTrailer’s major strengths is its exceptional energy autonomy. Thanks to an integrated solar system and high-capacity batteries, this RV needs no electrical hookup! Say goodbye to traditional campgrounds, and set up camp wherever you please, even in the most remote areas.

Although Living Vehicle has not disclosed the battery size or the amount of solar energy generated, it is certain that this system offers unparalleled autonomy in the RV market. Moreover, the CyberTrailer is capable of recharging the vehicle that tows it, whether it is electric (such as the Tesla Cybertruck, the Ford F-150 Lightning, or the Rivian R1T).

But that’s not all! The CyberTrailer has the amazing ability to recharge your electric vehicle during your escapades. Whether you own a Cybertruck, a Ford F-150 Lightning, a Rivian R1T, or any other model, this solar-powered RV will become your best ally for endless adventures.

A water recovery system for total independence

One of the major challenges of off-grid camping is access to potable water. However, the CyberTrailer has a solution with its system for generating and recycling water from the ambient air. No need to transport bulky water reserves; this technical marvel will provide you with an unlimited supply!

The RV is capable of generating water from the humidity in the air and recycling it to minimize waste as much as possible. This system is already present in Living Vehicle’s other models.

High-end amenities for optimal comfort

In addition to its technological innovations, the CyberTrailer offers high-end amenities for the ultimate in comfort. Among them are:

  • A fold-down patio, perfect for enjoying nature and sunny days.
  • A loading ramp for transporting gear or lightweight vehicles (bikes, motorcycles, etc.).
  • A wireless control system via an Apple iPad tablet, for managing all the RV’s features.

If this dream RV has already piqued your interest, get ready to open your wallet: The CyberTrailer will be available starting at $175,000 in 2025 (not including the Tesla Cybertruck). You can already reserve your spot on the waiting list with a refundable deposit of $100.

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