KISMET Yacht, a $360 million floating palace!

YachtKISMET Yacht, a $360 million floating palace!

KISMET Yacht, a $360 million floating palace!

Dive into the world of ultra-luxury and elegance with the latest jewel of Lürssen’s crown, the superyacht Kismet. With its 122 meters in length, this exceptional ship was delivered just in time for the summer season to its owner, the Pakistani-American billionaire Shahid Khan. Although its price of $360 million does not allow it to claim the title of the most expensive yacht in the world, the Kismet remains a symbol of absolute luxury and exceptional quality in the nautical industry. The Kismet superyacht will be available for rent for the 2024 season, at a rate of 3 million euros (approximately $3.3 million) per week.

Lürssen, the prestigious German shipyard, has once again proven its expertise in the construction of superyachts with the Kismet. Designed by the Nuvolari Lenard architecture firm, its elegant and dynamic exterior leaves no one indifferent. As for its interior, it was imagined by the famous Reymond Langton Design design studio, which has managed to create a sumptuous and warm atmosphere.

KISMET Yacht by Nuvolari Lenard

The elegant exterior of the Kismet was designed by the talented Nuvolari Lenard studio, while the grandiose interiors are the work of Reymond Langton Design. The owner requested a « champagne and caviar » theme to instill a sense of indulgence and supreme refinement. Ornamental staircases worthy of the greatest palaces, majestic fireplaces, immense floor-to-ceiling windows, and marble and paint details of unparalleled finesse give the Kismet a breathtakingly beautiful atmosphere.

The Kismet Yacht offers 8 spacious cabins that can accommodate up to 12 lucky guests, not to mention the quarters for the 36 crew members present to fulfill their every desire. The owner’s suite is a true luxury apartment with a huge dressing room, two bathrooms, a private living room, and even a terrace with a jacuzzi! The master’s office has a 360-degree panoramic view, a conference room, and a private office. What more could you ask for?

Wealthy wellness enthusiasts will be delighted with the Balinese spa offering a hammam, a sauna, a cryotherapy room, and a private massage room with a rain shower, a chromotherapy bath, and even a small waterfall! A state-of-the-art gym with an adjoining yoga studio overlooking vast terraces by the sea completes this oasis of relaxation, all enhanced with a vitamin-packed juice bar.

The Kismet Yacht is full of leisure activities of all kinds: jet skis, seabobs, electric boards, diving, a floating inflatable castle, a giant aquatic slide… It even has a basketball/pickleball court at the front! A real floating amusement park reserved for a handful of ultra-privileged individuals.

KISMET superyacht for charter

Want to experience the ultimate luxury aboard the Kismet? Good news, the Kismet superyacht will be available for rent for the 2024 season, at a rate of 3 million euros (approximately $3.3 million) per week.

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