Bombardier Global 8000: The epitome of luxury in the skies!

Jet privéBombardier Global 8000: The epitome of luxury in the skies!

Bombardier Global 8000: The epitome of luxury in the skies!

Discover the Global 8000, the new business jet from Bombardier Aerospace that was unveiled at EBACE in Geneva from May 23 to 25, 2022. This aircraft promises an unrivaled combination of comfort, range, and success, positioning itself at the top of business aviation.

The Global 8000 is not just a business jet; it is a true aeronautical marvel. With its record-breaking range of 7,900 NM, it allows you to connect directly to destinations as far apart as Los Angeles and Sydney, Hong Kong and New York, or Mumbai and New York. No more endless layovers; enjoy direct flights in absolute comfort.

Advantages of the Global 8000

The Global 8000 has the world’s longest range, enabling faster connections in superior comfort. It opens up the world to established and emerging markets for direct flights such as Los Angeles-Sydney, Hong Kong-New York, and Mumbai-New York.

Comfort is also a key element of this aircraft. Both in the cabin, with the « Nuage » seats that allow passengers to sit in « zero gravity » comfort, and in the structure of the aircraft. The Global 8000 is equipped with « Smooth Flex Wing » wings that ensure a smooth and agile flight.

Finally, the Global 8000 is a real productivity tool and a true apartment in the skies. It has several configurable spaces: a club suite, a meeting room, an entertainment room, and even a kitchen area.

An interior worthy of the greatest palaces

As soon as you step into this flying apartment, you will be immersed in an unprecedented world of luxury and refinement. The cabin, truly unique in its kind, offers large windows and multiple configuration possibilities for its three luxurious suites. Whether you are looking for a workspace, a relaxation area, or an entertainment space, the Global 8000 will meet your every desire.

The Nuage seats of the Global 8000 will literally make you float in unrivaled « zero gravity » comfort. With such refinement, every trip will be a true first-class experience.

Thanks to its revolutionary Smooth Flex Wing wings, the Global 8000 will take you on a journey of exceptional smoothness and agility, offering unparalleled flight stability.

Global 8000: A productivity tool like no other

Whether you are an accomplished entrepreneur or a busy executive, the Global 8000 will become your ideal flying office. With its various configurable spaces (club suite, meeting room, kitchen area, etc.), you can work in the best conditions and optimize every moment of your trip.

Bombardier Global 8000 Rental: Rates and Estimates

The prices below are provided for indicative purposes only for the rental of a Bombardier Global 8000. To obtain a precise and personalized estimate of your trip, please contact us so that we can establish a quote adapted to your specific needs.

  • Bombardier Global 8000 Charter from Beijing to New York: 161,000 €
  • Bombardier Global 8000 Charter from Singapore to London: 142,750 €
  • Bombardier Global 8000 Charter from Sao Paulo to Moscow: 157,300 €

Renting a Bombardier Global 8000 offers an exceptional flight experience, combining luxury, comfort, and unrivaled performance.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on renting the Bombardier Global 8000 and to plan your next trip in optimal conditions.

The Global 8000 has a range of 7,900 NM at a speed of Mach 0.85 with eight passengers on board and a cruising speed of an unbeatable capacity of Mach 0.90. Its maximum speed can reach Mach 0.94.

Beyond its unparalleled luxury, the Global 8000 also stands out for its exceptional technical performance and efficiency. With its low-consumption General Electric engines and HEPA filters that guarantee pure and healthy air, it combines power, sobriety, and respect for the environment.

Technical specifications of the Global 8000

Manufacturer: BOMBARDIER

Model: GLOBAL 8000

Category: Long-range private jets

Crew: 2 pilots & flight attendant

Seats: 19

Baggage compartment volume: 552 m³

Toilets: yes

Price for purchase: 73,000,000 €

Cabin height: 1.88 m

Cabin width: 2.44 m

Cabin length: 16.59 m


Cruising speed: 982 km/h

Range: 14,631 km

Dimensions of the Global 8000:

Height: 8.2 m

Wingspan: 31.7 m

Length: 33.8 m

Cabin of the Global 8000:

Height: 1.88 m

Width: 2.44 m

Length: 16.59 m

Seats: 19

Performance of the GLOBAL 7500:

Maximum speed: 1,160 km/h

Range: 14,816 km

Ceiling: 15,545 m

Engine of the GLOBAL 7500:

Engines: GE Passport

So, are you ready to discover the new heights of airborne luxury? The Bombardier Global 8000 awaits you… for an unforgettable journey!

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