Four Seasons revolutionizes luxury at sea: Discover the dream yachts that will take you on a journey!

YachtFour Seasons revolutionizes luxury at sea: Discover the dream yachts that will take you on a journey!

Four Seasons revolutionizes luxury at sea: Discover the dream yachts that will take you on a journey!

Embark on a unique, unforgettable, and sumptuous travel experience with Four Seasons, which is entering the yachting industry in partnership with Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings LTD and Fincantieri. Four Seasons aims to shake up the codes of luxury at sea. After the Four Seasons jet, a Boeing 757 reserved for palace regulars, say hello to Four Seasons Yachts.

Immersive experience

We will explore the exceptional features of the Four Seasons yachts, combining comfort, elegance, and innovation.

Custom-designed suites for absolute privacy: With 95 suites featuring personalized design, the Four Seasons yachts offer an idyllic setting to fully enjoy your journey. Each suite has vast terraces, ranging from 9.3 square meters for the luxury suite to nearly 457 square meters for the Funnel suite, to bring you closer to the sea and its environment.

The Funnel Suite, an architectural gem: Spanning four levels and offering over 898 square meters of combined indoor and outdoor living space, the Funnel Suite is a true house with a sea view. It can be expanded through vertical and horizontal connectivity, providing one of the largest living spaces at sea. The Funnel Suite’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer 280-degree panoramic views and feature the largest contiguous piece of glass at sea.

A marina dock for nautical adventures: The marina dock aboard the yacht allows guests to easily access a world of nautical adventures with state-of-the-art aquatic equipment. The innovative « marina-dock » design features vast openings across the entire ship, from port to starboard, offering large, tiered relaxation platforms on each side to maximize light and sea views while emphasizing the ship’s line.

An exceptional pool for relaxing moments: For those who wish to enjoy the sun from the pool deck, the boat deck will be equipped with a 20-meter pool, one of the largest at sea. It will be the lively heart of the ship and a gathering place for guests.

Dream destinations for an unforgettable journey

Several itineraries are offered by Four Seasons Yachts for their inaugural 2025/26 season.

A journey in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean: The inaugural season marks the beginning of extraordinary itineraries offered throughout the winter and spring in the Caribbean. The Four Seasons yachts will take you to discover idyllic landscapes and fine sandy beaches.

A Mediterranean cruise: The yacht will then return to the Mediterranean to offer cruises in iconic sailing locations, from the French and Italian Rivieras to the Adriatic coast and the Greek islands. You can thus enjoy the cultural richness and the breathtaking landscapes of the Mediterranean.

Exceptional service on the high seas

Four Seasons aims to provide personalized service to its guests, both onboard and on land.

Priority access for loyal guests: To meet the need to manage extraordinary demand with limited inaugural stock, priority access to yacht voyage reservations is available by invitation only, starting with Four Seasons’ loyal guests and most valued travel partners.

A dedicated division for private client service: A dedicated division for private client service has been created, with an elite team of yacht personal advisors who are committed to providing the personalized service and authentic heart for which Four Seasons is renowned.

Carefully crafted land experiences: A dedicated Four Seasons team will ensure that land experiences and programs are personalized, carefully designed, and implemented with the renowned service and attention of the brand.

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