VICTORIA : The first Hermès bag made from vegetable matter

Sac à mainVICTORIA : The first Hermès bag made from vegetable matter

VICTORIA : The first Hermès bag made from vegetable matter


On March 11, Hermès announced a new plant-based version of the Victoria. The Hermès Victoria Bag is made from Sylvania in Fine Mycelium, H feather canvas and Evercalf calfskin. MycoWorks could not have wished for a better partner than Hermès to produce the first object in Fine Mycelium. The result of three years of collaborative work between Hermès and MycoWorks is an example of a new generation of materials and a biotechnological approach.

Co-founded in 2013 by Phil Ross and Sophia Wang, San Francisco-based American startup MycoWorks brings fashion closer to circularity.

Sylvana leather is based on their exclusive mycelium cultivation process called Fine Mycelium ™. This process uses the ability of fungi to bind to both themselves and carbon-based materials to produce durable three-dimensional structures. Sylvana leather is an exclusive cellular structure that enables its strength, durability and feel. The result of this material, which mimics the properties of leather, is a patented technology.

The Sylvana leather of the Victoria bag is made from mushrooms, and more specifically from fibers resembling the mycelium roots in mushrooms. Agricultural waste such as corn cobs and hemp fibers are used to grow it.

This low-tech solution can be grown from different materials for different textures, patterns and colors. Sylvana leather can contain elements such as fasteners, eliminating the need for glue or stitching. This leather is completely natural and will biodegrade at the end of its life. The mycelium can also be transformed into bricks.

Fine Mycelium is produced at the MycoWorks factory in California, then tanned and finished in France by Hermès tanners to refine its strength and durability while respecting Hermès quality standards. Fine Mycelium is then shaped by Hermès craftsmen in Hermès workshops.

The Victoria bag by Hermès in canvas, calf leather and Sylvania in Mycélium from MycoWorks will be available at the end of the year.



Source: MycoWorks

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