Discover the Bentley Batur Convertible: The Cab that Costs More than 8 Continental GTs!

VoitureDiscover the Bentley Batur Convertible: The Cab that Costs More than 8 Continental GTs!

Discover the Bentley Batur Convertible: The Cab that Costs More than 8 Continental GTs!

The Bentley Batur Convertible, a Mulliner creation

Mulliner, Bentley’s bespoke division and the world’s oldest coachbuilder, has unveiled its latest creation: the Batur Convertible. This two-seater convertible, limited to 16 examples, is the third Bentley coachbuilt car of the modern era, following the Bacalar barchetta and the Batur coupé. With the Batur Convertible, Mulliner continues its long tradition of crafting truly individual cars tailored to the unique desires of its extraordinary clients.

The Batur Convertible is an evolution of Bentley’s DNA, capturing the essence of an open-top grand tourer in a progressive design inspired by Batur. It offers a wider range of personalization options, including the « flying bridge » and rose gold interior accents. Each example is among the last Bentleys to feature the iconic 750 hp W12 engine.

A Custom-Made Car, Co-Created with the Client

Mulliner’s internal design team will contribute to the co-creation of each Batur Convertible with its client, using a specially designed Mulliner visualization system. Clients can specify the color and finish of virtually every element of the car, creating a vehicle that reflects their unique personality.

The paint color options are endless, with clients able to choose from any shade in the Mulliner color palette or request a fully customized paint, including hand-painted graphics. The exterior can feature a mix of light and dark, satin or gloss colors, or even titanium. A subtle, contrasting gradient color option is available for the grille, creating a vibrant ombré effect.

The Batur Convertible offers further personalization possibilities with its unique « flying bridge, » tonneau cover, and roof materials, which can be specified to match other elements of the interior and exterior.

The Bentley Batur

The Batur Convertible is equipped with the most powerful version of Bentley’s iconic W12 engine, featuring a 6.0-liter biturbo engine with 750 hp, hand-assembled in Crewe. With production of the engine set to end this summer, the Batur Convertible will be one of the last Bentleys to use this extraordinary powertrain.

The convertible roof showcases a beautiful aesthetic that serves as a modern, tactile alternative to a hardtop. The combination of insulating materials, improved sealing systems, and acoustic treatments creates a protected environment, with a system that can be deployed or retracted in just 19 seconds while the car is moving up to 50 km/h (31 mph), transforming a luxurious coupé into an open-top grand tourer at the touch of a button.

The Bentley Batur Convertible No. 0

The development prototype – the Batur Convertible No. 0 – has received the same meticulous attention to detail that will be given to customer specifications. The exterior paint is a bespoke, two-tone finish – gloss vermillion over satin vermillion – that gives a vibrant color to the car’s contemporary surfaces. The bodywork is accentuated by gloss carbon fiber front splitters, side sills, and a rear diffuser.

The front of the car features an exceptional grille, with the main matrix finished in dark, gloss titanium, contrasted by chevrons in a horizontal, ombré pattern that transitions from black beluga in the center to gloss vermillion on the sides. The « endless hood » line is finished in dark, gloss titanium, as are the 22-inch wheels, which feature black, gloss, and satin titanium spokes with gloss vermillion accents.

The Batur Convertible will be handcrafted over several months in Mulliner’s workshop at Bentley’s carbon-neutral factory in Crewe, England. Each example will be a unique, one-off creation, designed and built by the original masters of bespoke coachbuilding.

Source : Bentley

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